Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Up-Dates and more Up-Dates!!!

A little up-date to my
“Big Project”
A lot of my bloggy buddy’s have been asking about it, so I thought it is time to up-date blogland on it. It is sooo close to being done. Of course we have to deal with the cold weather working on it in the garage. Which doesn’t help with the paint and stain to dry in any decent amount of time. Guess I picked a bad time of year to do a project like this-being winter weather and the holidays. But hey that won’t stop this girl! I took some photos to share and let you see. I have gotten the top piece stained one coat, and painted one coat on the inside of the sides. I think it came out a little dark but hey it’s not done yet so we will see how it looks once I sand it and put another coat on. I think the clear coat will help show the grain better too. The photos don’t do it justice-the grain on this is gorgeous! We discovered that on the bottom piece in the middle it had been turned into a freezer of some sort. There was a metal casing with a drain in it. Around that there was about an inch and a half of cork used as insulation. We got all of that removed and it is pine on the inside of that part, so it will be painted. You can tell that there used to be cabinet doors that are now missing. The sections on the ends of the top piece are also pine on the inside and will be painted as well. It appears that this cabinet has been re -constructed just a little bit. But most of it is a gorgeous red tiger oak. The drawer handles are brass and I love them they are sooo cool! It was such a major job getting all of the green or aqua paint off of it. I have no finger nails and I had so much saw dust on me it was in my ears! LOL!
You should have seen this girl decked out in safety goggles, a mask, knitted cap to protect my hair, and gloves. Of course the guys insisted that I wear all of this stuff but they wouldn’t do it for themselves-the stinkers! I felt like some character from a scifi movie! LoL!
We used a blow torch to burn and scrape the paint off. That was kind of fun actuallyJ. And we sanded like there was no tomorrow. It has been really hard work, shivering in the cold garage, but it will be so worth it. I haven’t been able to get as much mileage on my bribes to get more time working on this from my guys.
I am sooo darn excited to get my little sewing crafting studio set up. I can hardly wait to get her done-she is going to be beautiful and wonderful to use! And it will make working on all of my little projects so much easier too. We have only been able to work on it at night sometimes during the week, and on the weekends. I am trying to push to get this done and set up by next weekend-lets see what happens? Mamma the motivator will be in fifth gear to get it done!
Then I will need to shop and get a little more fabric and supplies to completely fill her up-Don’t ya just love it!?!? I know me too! LoL!
Now as for the blogging magazine -man is it a nice magazine. I have really enjoyed reading it a little bit here and there in between everything else. LOL! There is some really good info in there. I haven’t forgotten that I plan on sharing some of it-so be patient I will get a post on that soon!
Fudge recipe- Thanks to all who sent me recipe's and tips you are all so awesome! I will be making fudge for Christmas. I tried to make fudge for Thanksgiving well, using the recipe from the back of the whipped marshmellow jar. I think I invented spoon fudge-LoL! I was well into making the fudge when I went to use the candy thermometer discovered it was broken! So I tried to finish it imporvising-but it never did get really firm. The same problem I had years ago-darn. My 15 year old son absolutely loved it and said it was the best he ever tried. He sayis I should make it and sell it-silly boy! So I need to get a new candy thermometer and I will be good to go! I will take a photo and let you all know how it came out.
I hope you all are having a wonderful bloggy week! Thanks for visiting and... I always love hearing from all of you in blogland


  1. It looks like you've gotten most of the hardest part done! Stripping off all that paint must have been sooooo hard. Glad to see it's coming along. I can't wait to see it done!

  2. Hi Tam, thanks for stopping by...I love this cabinet, it looks great! What a big job, but definitely worth it! Cant wait to see it finished, and filled with gorgeous fabrics!

  3. That does look like a big project but it is going to be wonderful when it is through!!! I can't wait to see it.

  4. Can't wait to see the finished results...I'm sure you can't wait either.

  5. Not sure if my comment worked.. so here we go....
    Love the dresser and we know that you will have it gracing your home next weekend :)
    Hhow warm/cold is it there???? We are at 11 today, but all is relative to what we are used to :) (11 IS cold for me for sure!!!)

  6. Thanks for visiting me; yikes I hate stripping! (wood!wood! really that's what I meant!LOL)It is so hard in the winter because I like to spray paint and I cannot do it in the house! The bullies would put me out! And it makes me wheezy too! Our garage is not heated either; wish it was! Can't wait to see how it looks all completed! I'll be watching too!

  7. Oooh, this cabinet is just spectacular! I went back and found the original post on it -- what an amazing find! I really want a big old cabinet for my dining room, too, but I haven't started the hunt yet because I assumed I'd have to pay big $$$. Thanks for inspiring me!
    ~Angela :-)

  8. OHH wow you have been busy! It is gonna look grand once done! Cherry

  9. Hi I m Meme from Screaming Meme's...I love what you are doing! :) It will be great! :)

  10. Is this that beautiful blue piece....can't be. I can't believe you would have gotten that much done in such a short period of time! It looks really nice! Can't wait to see the doll clothes!


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