Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just a lil teaser!

I got it!!!

I did-today late in the afternoon, my kookie mailman comes late a lot of the time. He is lucky I didn't tackle him! Lol! Look how cute Martha decorated the package-sooo fun! Thank You Martha!!!
My granddaughter had to have the stickers and I carefully peeled them off for her-the little monkey. Except I did adorn my lap top with a piece of the darling tape. Please do go visit Martha on her fabulous blog she is a very sweet gal! Oh I bet you are wondering about the magazine-aren't you? Of course you are! Well it is absolutely gorgeous! The pages of Artful Blogging are so nice and thick, the photos in this magazine are amazing!
Now I don't know if you girls are anything like me when I get one of my magazines in my hot little hands well... the world fades out around me...I get kind of in a silly trance and I look at each page one at a time so slowly and carefully taking it all in before I begin reading. I am one of those dorks that sometimes, not every time mind you, but sometimes I look from the back first-then I read from the front to back-sooo silly I know! You would think I found a missing artifact of some kind the way I look at my mags! And the fact that I actually won this one-how cool is that!?!?
It truly is a feast for the eyes and soul. I need a little time to completely read this sweet baby and then I shall choose some favorite articles to share with you- I wouldn't leave my Yakker's out of the loop-oh no! I will tell you right now -I am gonna love this magazine! It is so nice it is almost like a book! I would recommend you pick one up for yourselves or go to to subscribe. At the very least take a look at one the next time you are in a book store-you won't be
disappointed! I have to add this to Santa's list -and believe you me I definitely
HAVE been a very good girl this year...well...most of the time. Hehe!

Although I am only two months new to the blogging world I am loving it. I am very grateful for the sweet bloggy buddies I have made-you are all so wonderful and kind to me! Thank you for participating in my blog-I adore each and everyone of you and your great comments! I always look forward to checking my blog everyday!
I have been a busy girl sewing up some cute little dolls and their clothes-hopefully soon they will be ready for their premiere. Oh and of course on the weekends I have been working on my "big" project-it is coming along very nicely-I can't wait for you to see it. Hopefully I will be getting the finish on it very soon. I will have an official post for that! I also need to get started soon on a wool dress coat for my Emily Jean-her third birthday is coming quickly and not to mention Christmas-oh I have sooo much to do and so little time! But I am going to take a tiny break and read my new beautiful magazine.

So toodles for now...I will be back soon with a new post!
MUch GrOOvy BloGGy LoVe to You All! ~Tam :P


  1. My DH and mom read magazines starting at the funny

  2. I just saw this about Mother's Cookies.

    Kellogs bought them and will bring back the iced animal cookies

  3. How funny! I do the same thing with mags. The world does not exist when a mag comes in the mail. I read a magazine like my daughter reads her books!LOL
    Can't wait to see what your going to post. If it is anything like those darling booties you make, I know it will be wonderful.
    Have a great day and thanks for stopping in.

  4. Yay!!! What fun to see what the package looks like after its journey - so glad it made it!!!! I read magazines back to front. My mom does too. Not sure why. Then I start from the front and re-read.
    Yippee!! So glad you like it!!

  5. Well I can't wait to see what words of wisdom and clever ideas it imparts. And I really can't wait to see that great big cabinet done!!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by to visit; hey I just visited your other blog; I love it!!! Hope you are having a great day! Merrie

  7. I {heart} Magazines.
    They're adult picture books. :-)

  8. Congrats on your winning that great magazine. I am a magazine junkie....that is for sure! I even buy them written in Italian, Swedish and French....:-)

  9. Hello Tam I am just revisiting all of my SITStas from SITSmas day. I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. My grandson calls me Grammy too! I love that name. Well he can't actually say Grammy right now, he is only a year old. He calls me Duck! I don't know why. lol Have a great weekend - I'm following you now so that I can keep up with another Grammy!

  10. Hi Tam! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. Love your festive colors! So pretty.

    Don't you just love when the package is just exciting as what's inside?

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I am going to try very hard to get my decorating done. I am really running behind this year.


  11. I love packages and magazines,too!! Yours was so sweetly decorated! I have only seen one copy of Artful Blogger and I don't recall where--bookstore, maybe.
    Hope you're having a great Sat.!!! Dana

  12. I love when I get magazines in the mail. It's always like an new adventure!

    I've heard some publications are going away. This makes me sad. Apparently the electronic world is part of the reason why they are not going to be published. I wish they would stay around. Reading online is fun, but nothing like sitting in a comfy chair and really browsing a new magazine, cover to cover, ads and all, time and again!

    I've never seen a copy of Artful Blogging. Would love to find one!

    Have a great weekend, Tam!

  13. Hello SITStah! Just wanted to drop by, say hello and hope you're having a great weekend.

  14. Tam,
    I love your blog and thanks for stopping by mine! See you again soon!


  15. Hey, I keep forgetting to get that recipe for you. Mom told me where it is but I keep forgetting to grab it when I'm there. I love magazines too. They are my reward at the end of the day. I love your new wallpaper, it's quite festive!!

  16. Hi Tam!
    I just wanted to thank you for your kind words about my missing buddy. You mentioned how wonderful blog friends can be, and I completely agree:)

  17. Hi, just dropping by. I love magazine too and I get a ton of them. Love the booties too! They're adorable!

  18. What a sweet package!

    Happy holidays...

    :^) Anna

  19. I sent you an email. Finally remembered the recipe. Lisa Cranberry Flats

  20. Hi Tam! I need to check out that magazine, but if I looked at it now, we'd be celebrating Christmas in Jan.! I didn't realize we started our blogs around the same time! Isn't it cool! Hope you've had a great weekend!

  21. hi tam! i am the same way when a new magazine arrives in the mail or i find it at the store. i will actually gasp, get a hot drink, and slowly pour through each page. enjoy! cute package, too! xo

  22. Hi Tam, Thanks so much for registering for the Christmas tree frame!

    I'll have to check out that magazine and I'm looking forward to seeing your big project! Kristen

  23. Hi Tam - congrats on the mag - can't wait to see more posts and your big cabinet reveal!!
    Have a good one ~

  24. That sounds like such a wonderful magazine. I too just LOVE magazines and pour over each page. Can't wait to see all of your creations.

  25. Tag your it Tam! Check my blog for details. Hope everything is going well with you!


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