Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday decorations...or should I say... re-decorating! LoL? Or Just a Simple Christmas in the Woods...!

Welcome to our home. Suddenly Saturday the kids decided they were in the mood for decorating. So we drug a couple of boxes into the house. The plan was to keep it simple which equals easy take down after the holidays. We had put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. It has been decorated, un-decorated and re-decorated I don't know how many times! Our little granddaughter Emily Jean has been hard at work-she just can't control her creative urges when they come upon her! LOL! So take a close look at the tree-which we had put up on an old chest thinking it might detour her from her mission-keyword being might-didn't happen. Usually it is just the cats we have to keep from going after the bulbs!

Did you see all of those bald spots and then the clump of bulbs at the bottom of the tree? She is partial to the red bulbs-she kept taking all of the other colors off! Emily Jean just stands there and says' "Oh Grammy it's soooo beautiful, it is the most beautiful thing in the world!" as she puts her arms opened up. She should be an actress when she grows up-she is something else. She would also be great on a demolition team! Haha! Of course we all adore that little angel beyond measure and this is just one of many sweet holiday memories with her. Now we tried our best to re-decorate again-lets see how long that last?
Take a look quick ...

We were going to go cut down a real tree from the forest. The permit is only $10.00 and the kids really wanted a real tree. But me being such a hippy dippy girl I hate the idea of cutting a tree down! LOL! yea I know come on Tam-but hey also I didn't want to be one of those people you see on the news that got lost in the woods! Just think with this wild weather-it could happen! I do love the way a live tree smells but where we live all you have to do for that is step outside-it smells like Christmas everyday of the year! Okay...

Lets move onto the next photo-These nice figurines are always on that buffet-I just like they way they look with the light on-see how they glow? I know for a grown up-heck a grandma even-I sure do get awfully excited about the smallest things-don't I ? Oh well-just how I am-have to make life fun-and why not? I have a close up of the frame that sits on that buffet right over on my side bar-it is one of my favorite scriptures as a Mother/Grandmother.

Well the mantel has been re-decorated more then um twice. But that is only due to the lights burning out. Every time we think we have gotten all of the burnt out lights changed, another one burns out. On try number three-we gave up on having lights twinkling there. The garland looked so perfect the first time-somehow it got changed in its design concept-plan and ended up all wrapped around my berry garland that is on the mantel all year long. I like the JOY-good reminder of what I can experience this holiday amongst the craziness. I am working on minimizing that craziness and hope I can have everything done and ready. I still have to go gift shopping and bake goodies-yep I left it to the last minute-Blaaghh-shame on me! We also have a birthday to celebrate this Saturday. UUGGH and then just enough time to prepare for Christmas day (Now lets not forget I still have work to do on my Big Project-LOL). I can do it! I am super Mom/Grandma after all! Nooo problem!

A close up of that "JOY" :D Gotta just smile through it All!

Our little Victorian village on the library table-this gets re-decorated too!

Emily insisted on her Barbie house being apart of the holiday cheer! Look at the candle in the window, and wreath on the door-topped off with lights! She loved it! My Grammy heart swells when that little girl squeals with delight!

This little tree used to be on my entry way table-It's Emily's lil holiday tree for now. For some crazy unknown reason she hasn't tried to re-decorate or un-decorate this tree? UUMm at least not yet, I should be careful what I say!

Amber had a decorating idea and put old ornies in this big jar and popped a pretty bow on top. I looks cute with the vintage snowman next to it. They sit on top of some books in the living room.

This was a fun craft project I did with gals from church years ago when our kids were little. I re-did the names and added Emily. I think it is a fun and cute idea-the kids always did love it! And we kind of used it as a way to get them to go to bed on Christmas Eve. We said once you put that plate out for the night on Christmas Eve then Santa's coming soon so you have to go to bed and sleep. It worked...sometimes! Of course in the morning the reindeer had eaten their carrot and Santa had gobbled up all the yummy cookies and the kids had presents under the tree!

I wanted to make this Santa pillow and had the idea-so Saturday I whipped him up! I think I like him-he came out just as I visioned him. And he was easy peasy!

Well there you have it-very simple Christmas decorating at our house this year. I like simple!
May you all have a magical, wonderful, memorable Christmas! Thank You for you constant kind words and for visiting my blog-I am truly grateful for all of your friendships!
See you around blogland...Happy Blogging!
~Tam :D


Look what we got this weekend-SNOW! Hooray! It sure looks like Christmas around here. You can't see the lights on the house-but they are there! We dodged the high winds-somehow-whew! Well our little snow bunny sure didn't mind the white fluffy stuff at all! She was very happy to go out and play in it. Isn't she cute? She was so funny in her snow suit-she could hardly move at first- it was pretty funny. When her mommy got her dressed she couldn't get up with out help. LoL!We all had a good laugh! Her third birthday is this week, one week before Christmas to the day.
She was the sweetest Christmas blessing ever!

We live right on a corner -this is what it looked like today...
It can be tricky coming around that corner!

I like this next photo the way the light comes down through the trees-it is magical -I think This photo doesn't really capture it as good as it was in real life.
Don't ya just love those giant cedars?

If you look carefully the snow on the moss going up the big tree, to the right there, it looks really neat!
Almost looks like God sprinkled us with powdered sugar.

At least the snow wasn't too bad- yet. Although we are suppose to have temperatures drop even more this week and may be get some more of the white stuff. I don't mind it at all-in fact I love it-as long as I don't have to drive in it! LoL! We have lived here in this state for nine going on ten years and this Southern California girl is still not used to driving in snow! But when I can stay home, throw some wood in the fireplace, light it up why I am a happy girl! I do really Love living in the forest! I will be posting some Christmas decorating or re-decorating-LoL at our house, so be lookin for it! You will see what I mean in the next post. What is the weather like where you all are?

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