Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Coolest Thing EVER!!!

OK maybe it's not the coolest thing ever but... it is still pretty neat! Alright I guess the coolest thing might be winning the mega lotto or owning your dream house or something like that. I know it looks ugly now but soon it will be beautiful!
A week ago I had spotted this beauty on Craig's list~for FREE! Yep that's right free! They were closing their shop after many years and needed it gone. I was thrilled because I have been looking for something to get all my sewing and crafting supplies organized. I had been checking every week for something that could work and stay with in my shoe string budget too. One day right before I logged onto Craig's list I said OK this just has to be the day I find something! And wouldn't ya know it that was the first thing on the list!!! It was posted less then an hour before I found the listing too! So I emailed back that I was interested and where and when can I pick it up. However there was no reply, and it had been removed from the listing. So I figured that once again I must be a dollar short and a day late. Although I felt pretty sure the universe had intended that to be mine~really it just felt like it-I can't explain it. I was sooo disappointed but accepted that it wasn't to be until...this morning (a whole week later) I got an email asking me if I was still interested in the "large green shelves". I squealed with delight and called for my husband-I'm not so sure he was as excited as I was. In fact I know he wasn't. He knew what getting it meant.
I replied to the email and said absolutely I would love to have the "large green shelves" They called us told us where to pick it up and away we went down to China Town- Seattle! Once there we realized the enormity of this beauty~but because my family loves and adores me so much and I batted my eye lashes just right and did the puppy dog eyes with a gentle smile and told them it would make me the happiest girl in the world and it was just the most perfect thing for all my "stuff"~they said no problem we will get it for you as they hung their heads, shook them and sighed a big sigh!
I guess they are used to my little adventures? Good thing they love me so much! I do make some pretty darn good thank you cookies after all!
So ~We had to rent a 14 foot moving truck and go back with tools to take it apart and move it. They needed it out of there today! The plan was to get it apart in as few whole pieces as possible. It came apart in two pieces-top and bottom. But it was 12 feet long and 7 feet tall! Wow! It has all of the drawers and the sliding glass doors too!!! How freakin cool is that?!?! I know! And I also discovered that the back side middle panels actually have a mirror that has been painted over. Don't know for sure how the mirrors are going to look once we remove the paint?
While my #2 son and husband were working on getting it apart I admit I was feeling a little bit guilty~it was no easy task! But we were already committed and there was no turning back at that point. Poor guys were really straining themselves to get that thing onto the moving truck. It is solid wood and very heavy. There was a very nice man there that helped us as well.
The 14 foot moving truck was not really 14 foot at all and the darn thing stuck out a few inches or so. They tied the thing down and couldn't shut the door. We drove all the way home like that and made it! Whew!Now this monstrosity that I happen to be so in Bliss with is in two pieces in my garage (I didn't realize it was really as big as it turned out to be).
We discovered as we removed the top from the bottom in the shop that it was actually oak and looks like it might even be tiger oak! What luck is that??? I know I am so darn excited!!! So now I have to get this thing stripped of the 60 years of paint it has on it. That's right it was in that old shop for 60 years! Why it's only ten years older then my husband~it's an antique! Imagine all the people who have passed by that? How cool is that? I know! Anyhow I just had to share my wonderful FREE find!!!
My 15 year old son says hey mom what if it is haunted? I said oh well then so be it because it is mine now! The folks at the Asian shop called "Kong Sun Co." were very kind to us and I am a very blessed girl to have such a fantastic find! I am so thankful to them for giving me this beautiful "large green shelf" as they called it. I actually think it is more blue in my opinion~OK maybe aqua? And it is more like a cabinet then a shelf~but who cares~right?
Anyhow it will soon be back to it's natural state to show off the oak~ that is if the paint comes off nicely. When I first saw it online I thought of painting it a nice creamy white or even a distressed black~the aqua wasn't going to match my decor at all. But then when I discovered it is solid oak I thought it might be sac religious to paint it??? We will see what happens as the refinishing project gets under way.
Boy do I wish I could have had the chance to clean out my garage before I put the"large green shelf" in there! Not much room to move around with all our other junk in there . Anyhow~ I will take some photos and share the process with you all. Luckily I have vaulted ceilings in my sewing room and a wall long enough to house it. But getting my guys to help move and change that room all around after refinishing it is going to be a new challenge in it's self!
Awww what a long day but so worth it! I feel like I just returned from a long journey for some reason. Crazy to get this thing and start such a big project-maybe? Having my guys happily move it~priceless!
But that's just how I am, and if this girl makes her mind up she's gonna do something~you guessed it~it gets done~one way or another!!!
Some girls get excited over diamond rings-hey I'm easy~just give me a piece of furniture to refinish that will make me happy. Well truthfully yes diamonds do make this girl happy! I cannot lie about that one. LOL! But this really is just as good as a new diamond ring~to me anyways.
Thank You Universe! I think the law of attraction really does work. I am a very blessed girl!
And thank you to my husband and son's for all of their help!!! And for loving a kookie mom like me! I will have those thank you cookies for ya tomorrow sometime! :)

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