Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I need some fudgy bloggy help-please!

OK Girls I need your help! I am trying to plan what goodies will be made and I want to make fudge this year for Christmas. I have my usual expected cookies and candy I make but I have a hankering for fudge. I haven't attempted it for many years because as I remember it the last time I did it didn't turn out so well. And I said "I will never make fudge again!" Well you know how the saying goes-"Never say never!" So here I am with some recipes but I don't want to have to try them out to see which one will be the best. So I am asking for you to send me your tried and true best and easy fudge recipes please. And any tips you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I am a fantastic cook and baker but fudge for some reason just didn't work out for me the year I tried to make it anyway. It didn't set up right mostly. And it was many years ago -I am much older and, ehhhemmm wiser now, so maybe it will work out this time. [You can send them to my email tamgirl0@msn.com and put fudge recipe in the subject box so I know what it is for in case your email ends up in my junk box.] I am sure it will be a great fudgy success with my blogger buddy's help! Thanks Girls!

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