Friday, April 3, 2009

Nothing but classs...You know You Want it!

Good afternoon Kids, and welcome to another fun filled edition of
"Free Friday!"

Take a seat, grab a snack and a cool drink
~lets get started!

Remember this all comes off of the "Craigslist Free adds"

The add reads:
This chair is nothing but class. Gold/orange/yellow striped. Rocking, swirling, moves whichever way you want it to! I love this chair and you will too

Nooope pretty sure I won't! Ha!

Remember the movie "Animal House"?
Free couch. Its ugly but a really nice couch. Nothing a nice blanket can't fix. Not worn down at all.(lol get a clue!)Looks like a cat got at it on the left side a little but its not bad at all. I don't have a cat. So maybe a hungry roommate.
(a scary thought!)

First come first served. Will not hold it for anyone. I'll take the post down when it's gone.

Huh? What? You mean it when you say you wont hold it for anyone? Darn!

The next couch didn't have anything written about it. But I think the photo says it all?

I was imagining the furniture store might have been called

"Frank's Funky Town Fine Furniture."

I do think if you wear your 3~D glasses it could even be a spiritual experience! LoL!

Pure elegance huh? :)

Ummm are these people trying to hide something or

are they just very messy?

And there is something sticking out under the middle cushion!

Holy crap Batman maybe there is a dead body hidden in there-

That's it now I am frightened!

And then we have this one-

such cleaver selling points don't you think?

‘50s Early American Kitsch sofa. Cute & Comfortable Perfect for Apartment

~Or just a suggestion...the dump!

For our last couch for the day...
Free Comfy Couch... quality made, good condition, solid wood ends with horse and barn theme upholstery. Colors are cream, rust, orange and brown.

OOO Baby they got me considering it for a second with the barn theme!

Hmmm what can I say about the next one???

Someone was banking on the word "free" of wiping out any ability for a person to comprehend that this one is broken!
This does not work. It broke down making a humming noise about 2 years ago. I thought I'd take it apart to see if it was something I could fix but I realize that is a task I will never get to. We took off a small plastic tab (thing) on the bottom of the metal filter to fix my parents' ionic breeze so that part is missing. It's free.

I am so glad they clarified what the plastic tab was! LoL!

Need some wheels??? Handy with the tools?
Got a reallll bargain here for ya-hey it's "free!"

And if that didn't excite ya well girls hold onto your skirts-
this one will! Not! LoL! Notice the size of this thing...
This add is priceless:
The wife says either this goes or I do. Today. First come first served.
I have just a few questions for ya fella...
A. Did your wife know you had this in your garage before she married you?
B. Can the marriage be annulled?
C. Did you mean it when you said this deal was just for today?
Dang! Now you know it is going to be a man who wants this life size Captain Kirk-I would love to be the fly on the wall listening to that guys wife when she sees it for the first time! LoL!
I hope you all enjoyed this weeks edition of "Free Friday"!

Have an awesome weekend Blogging Buddy's

~Beam Me uP Scotty!~

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