Sunday, December 14, 2008


Look what we got this weekend-SNOW! Hooray! It sure looks like Christmas around here. You can't see the lights on the house-but they are there! We dodged the high winds-somehow-whew! Well our little snow bunny sure didn't mind the white fluffy stuff at all! She was very happy to go out and play in it. Isn't she cute? She was so funny in her snow suit-she could hardly move at first- it was pretty funny. When her mommy got her dressed she couldn't get up with out help. LoL!We all had a good laugh! Her third birthday is this week, one week before Christmas to the day.
She was the sweetest Christmas blessing ever!

We live right on a corner -this is what it looked like today...
It can be tricky coming around that corner!

I like this next photo the way the light comes down through the trees-it is magical -I think This photo doesn't really capture it as good as it was in real life.
Don't ya just love those giant cedars?

If you look carefully the snow on the moss going up the big tree, to the right there, it looks really neat!
Almost looks like God sprinkled us with powdered sugar.

At least the snow wasn't too bad- yet. Although we are suppose to have temperatures drop even more this week and may be get some more of the white stuff. I don't mind it at all-in fact I love it-as long as I don't have to drive in it! LoL! We have lived here in this state for nine going on ten years and this Southern California girl is still not used to driving in snow! But when I can stay home, throw some wood in the fireplace, light it up why I am a happy girl! I do really Love living in the forest! I will be posting some Christmas decorating or re-decorating-LoL at our house, so be lookin for it! You will see what I mean in the next post. What is the weather like where you all are?


  1. Hi Tam! What pretty pictures ~ magical describes them perfectly. And I picture of your pink snow bunny is cute as can be.

    Hope you're enjoying this busy time of year!

    Christmas blessings,

  2. I LOVE seeing your pictures of the snow and the adorable little snow bunny!! GORGEOUS!


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