Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holy Cow-I have been Tagged again!

Wooo Hoo Tagged again!!! How exciting is that?!?!? This time by Valerie over at She is a new bloggy buddy and I am having a great time getting to know her. Go on over to visit her blog I know you will enjoy it as much as I do!

I am a little slow at getting this posted sorry Valerie(a day late). I have been sooo busy with my projects especially tiny clothes for dolls. I won't make dolls that small again -cute as they are! LOL! I promise I really will get a photo of them posted soon.

Well this is where I state my 7 random/weird facts about me. HHMMM let me much do I want to share publicly?LoL!

1. The house I grew up in, in the foothills of northeast Los Angeles, California-was haunted! Yep it was-really! Lots of crazy stuff happened in that house. It was built in 1910 and was a very cool house. I never really appreciated it until my family moved out after 20+ years! I couldn't wait to grow up and get out and then once I did I just wanted to be able to go back there forever! Isn't it so crazy how things like that happen?

2. I am the oldest kid of my family and the only girl. It was rough let me tell ya! My brothers could be brutal! I was the only one that was fair haired and light eyes. Even my mom and dad had brown eyes and very dark brown hair. I didn't match and stood out like a sore thumb!LoL! My brother's liked to tease me and say I was adopted-brats! I do have two half sisters that I met when I was all grown up. Blaaggh- (Long story)

3. I used to be quite the crazy adventurous, daredevil growing up
(big surprise I know). I ran track, biked, speed skated, roller skated, surfed(Yea Baby!) and so much more. Somehow I survived although a little beat up but not too many scars luckily! I am sooo lucky to be alive! Now since having children I have lost my courage and am a big wimp!

4. I want to live to be 103. I don't know why the random number but it is my goal at least! Hey it might happen!

5. I have a 36" inner seam-yea I know I am an amazon! LoL! I hate trying to find anything long enough. I usually have to special order or sew it for myself. I always wished that I could be average height... big sigh!

6. My favorite perfume is Crystalle CHANEL. I LOVE~LOVE~LOVE that fragrance-it is the best! I have worn it since I was 15 years old (1976~Yea I'm getting old Darn it! and who cares 40+ is the new 20+~right?) That was just year after it came out, and now they are going to discontinue it. What the? Those crazy you know what's over there at CHANEL what are they thinking?!?! I am currently buying a bottle every so often to stock up before it runs out so I have enough for the rest of my life-it is my signature scent what can I say?

7. I can be a bit of a germafobe. No I am not OCD just grossed out on picking up what other people leave behind. I try not to touch even the handles of the bathroom doors with my bare hands even in the finest restaurants-yuck! Or even read magazines at the doc's office. The way I see it if it is getting left behind-can't be anything good-right? LoL! I know what a kooky girl! :D

8. I prefer not to eat at restaurants. I guess it is the germ thing again-God knows what these people are doing with their hands before they touch my food-eeewww gross man! Now come on admit it you know you all have thought about that too at some point! :P

Yea I broke the rules and put an eighth question-so what get over it! LoL! The funny part about that is at the beginning of this I wasn't sure I could come up with seven! Oh maybe I should do a number nine-I like to break the rules sometimes!!! Haha! Oh and here's a tenth-I am a comedy junky and I love stand up! I took drama for five and a half years and improv was my favorite to do.
Oh my I did it again~Told ya I like to break the rules~What a shame I know.

Alright girls you know what happens next-yep that's right I get to tag some of you lovely blogger's! I can't wait to hear what you write! I think it is so cool learning more about you all!
So hey have fun with it-be creative, don't be shy! Just read the tag for the rules.

I am going to go into tag mode now (I'm in a bloggy trance) and make my list of lucky blogger's!

1. Brenda at She has a lot going on you just have to check her blogS out! She just started two other blogs for her handmade creations which are darling. And one for recipes~Yum!

2. Pat at This girl can decorate let me tell ya! And she is as sweet as can be! Scoot on over check her blog out and say hello you won't be disappointed!

3. Claire at Claire is such a cool blogger and she is quite a crafty girl too! You just have to go visit her. I really love the name of her blog too-one of my favorite shows was I Love Lucy and I laughed at the name the first time I saw it and knew instantly I would like her blog!

4. Merrie at She is another very talented girl and is into prim-you should see what she has posted on her blog it is darling! Not to mention what a nice girl she is!

5. Darlene at This gal has her home decorated so cute for the holidays-you should see her collections! Oh and she also is a crafty gal as well-you won't want to miss her blog!

6. Angela at OOO what a pretty blog she has! yummy recipes, beautiful decorating, so many girlie things we all love! She visits my blog and leaves such nice comments. And your mouth will water when you see the pictures of that tasty food-so don't pass her up!

7. Cherry at Wow her blog is so adorable and cottage chic I Love it! And she is another sweet blogger who visits my blog with nice comments. Her blog is filled with beautiful photos of her gorgeous holiday decorations and much more! Cherry is another very talented crafty girl-I always enjoy visiting her blog!

Crap who needs to pay for magazine subscriptions with all of these beautiful blogs!
Did I just say that? okay ~correction~ I still have a hard time passing up my magazines! LoL!

And just a lil message to my long time dear friend Teresa, (she is one of my Yakkers)-yea you sista! Would ya please finish getting your blog set up already so I can include you in all the fun-sheesh!
Teresa and I have been friends since aaaa I think we were 15-she knows way too much about me! LOL!
Mouth zipped Teresa!
Well girls it was a tough but productive day around here. No I didn't get to work on my "Big Project" darn it! But I did get to work some more on the dolly clothes. My gosh I am never making dolls that small ever ever again! Have I said that enough yet? Even if it is a very cute size! These dolls are just some felt dolls I made the pattern up myself-including the clothes patterns. I have old lady hands and sometimes making that small stuff is just buggars! They are going to be cute-only made three boys, and five girl dolls. I hope they are well liked-I am going to set up an etsy shop (hopefully). Of I course will be making and selling more items. But right now with the holidays and my "Big Project" I haven't been able to work on sewing like I want to or need to! I also especially love to make little fancy ~I call them church dresses, as well as casual dresses, dress coats(One of my fav's) and of course baby items of all kinds and who knows what will pop up in my head to create! I have had many family member's and friends tell me, bug me actually to get my own boutique going. So as soon as I can get my studio finished set up and fill up my fabric, and notion supplies-LOOK OUT~ I will be knocking things out like a freight train! Right now I feel like I am in limbo and it is so frustrating!!! I just want things to be done and ready~ I am raring to go baby!
So enough of my rambling on. Thanks to all of my sweet bloggy buddy's you are all so awesome and I truly love hearing from you! Your comments and friendship means a lot to this girl. Any of you that already sells items and have tips feel free to help me out-please!
We are expecting a big crazy storm this weekend like we sometimes get in the winter months here in the Pacific Northwest. I hope and pray we don't loose our power this time and fingers crossed no downed trees or power lines at our house either!
I hate to go without being able to use my blow dryer, straightener, sewing machine oh and hot showers just to mention the few most important!
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week!
BLOG ON SISTAS!~Hugs & Smiles~Tam!


  1. Love your random things. My inlaws house is haunted...I haven't seen anything strange but they have

  2. Hi Tam,

    Thanks so much for the tag. I think people in blog land know all about me already but I'll try to come up with some more things for this It was fun reading your tag and learning more about you! Sounds like you are working hard on all the little clothes. I can't wait to see pictures of everything you are making. Have a fabulous Thursday!!!

  3. Enjoyed reading the randomness about you! It was fun! We're going out to eat this evening and I WILL BRING my hand sanitizer! Hope you don't get the big storm. It's sposed to be -10 here this weekend, brrrrrrrr. Stay warm.

  4. Oh wow. That haunted house thing is really cool!

  5. I loved your 7 errrr 8 9 answers lol I was surprised by some of them and not surprised at all by others. I look forward to seeing what you create once your room and that wonderful cabinet is done. And no power?? who cares about the hair dryer...what about the computer!!!!!!

  6. Good morning Tam! I just read your tagged blog, it was fun to read more about the house on El Rio. I knew it had a strange vibe to it, especially that little room upstairs where your brothers room was. I remember another room where we used to listen to Led Zepppelin on the little record player. My recollection is of that room being the color red. Ted is urging me out the door right now, we are going to Corvallis for an appointment and having breakfast first, so off we go, talk to you soon, I love you!

  7. Tam, I loved reading your tag ! I have absolutely no idea of how to go about linking back to your site or how to link anyone else. I don't know all that much about that stuff yet. I know how to add stuff from the dashboard using the blogger gadgets but that is the only way I know how to do it. H E L P ! ! ! LOL!!
    (I feel like such a dummy)
    Hugs, Brenda

  8. A haunted house! Wow! You must have incredible stories from living there.

  9. Hi Tam,

    Love reading your random facts -- all those brothers and a haunted house too?! You're a brave girl.

    Happy upcoming birthday to your little one! Actually little Chloe's birthday is the 18th also -- just had to have the party a little early. Aren't grandkids the best things on earth -- makes the old age thing worth it -- almost?!

  10. Hi Tam - get into that sewing business, my friend. I kinda stumbled into it in a similar way and haven't looked back. Market are also so fun - you meet lots of lovely people. Lovely to blog with a fellow ocean lover x


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