Friday, March 20, 2009

FREE Friday!!!

You all know how much I love a bargain.
And I did find my wonderful FREE "Big Project" antique oak cabinets on craigslist.
That was a terrific freak of a find! LoL!
So ever since I have been surfin craigslist in hopes of another great find if you will. (Hey it could happen!)Well that has turned into something my husband and I get a kick out of doing and has become a silly form of entertainment for us. Lol~Yes I know we have way too much time and need a new hobby!
Here is how we play the game come along with me to see some of the "FREE" finds on craigslist for this week.
As we are scrolling through the listings every time we see a free couch we look at the picture.
The idea is to find the ugliest couch listed. You heard it right! Trust me it can be quiet funny at times. Some of the other things listed are a crack up too. You just wouldn't believe what people will put on there. Lets get started shall we...

Look at this beauty, and this is the best of the bunch!

And if your decorating taste is
GrOOvy GraNNy
here's the perfect couch for you...

And this is what the listing for the next one said...

FREE grey couch. Well loved but still very comfortable. Has a small hole in the cushion cover and a big burn mark on the arm, but it is FREE for pick up!!!!

Can you just imagine yourself relaxing
in this sweet baby...
(Don't mind the stains, BO and um use you imagination smells)

And my favorite FREE couch, drum roll please...

Yea you know you were totally diggin on that orange velvet dream!
And lets take a look at some sweet freebies other then the couches...
Upholstered swivel rocker. Needs a good cleaning. Ugly, but comfortable! At least 30 years old. FREE!!!!!!!
("free" makes any ugliness not matter~Right?)
I actually didn't think that chair was the worst
I've seen posted but,
I just love how they listed it!
This next listing I found interesting...
We have quite a few free snails. They are smaller in size but grow rather quickly so we have more than we need. Please email if you can pick up this weekend and are interested. Thank you.

Aren't we usually trying to get rid of snails?
Okay and here's a real humdinger...
I am leaving this in our driveway in front of the garage door. I will delete the posting as soon as I notice that it is gone.

What The???
I think that posting is gonna be there for a while-what do you think?
I mean come on people have just a teeny tiny bit of pride would ya?
Here's another fun one...
Picture says it all. First come, first served.

Awww yea they got that right! LoL!
I have two more for ya, and the next one~well I will let you be the judge of this listing...
free good shape-
(Okay but ummm what is it?
And how do I know I want it if I can't tell what it is?)

That last one had ya stumped huh? Me too!
This next one, my last one for today just takes the icing off the cake!
I must have been tanked, but I lost the left shoe somehow, somewhere. Anyone interested in just the right K-Swiss Classic Black. Find a use!
(Dude~like hey man what size is it?)

Don't bother to rub your eyes or blink~

you saw it right!

Listen pal if you are drinkin that much maybe best to go barefoot next time or stay home! LOL!

I hope you had as much fun as I did? I have wanted to do a post on this for a while now. So if it is popular enough I may continue to do a FREE Friday post again. Probably not every Friday, nope just when the urge hits me!
Have a HAPPY,
Fun filled, Sun shinny, Glamorous weekend kids!
~Much Bloggy Love, Tam! :D


  1. tam!

    your "WHAT THE?" comment made me actually LOL. so funny!!!

    happy spring, you fun one, you!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA, what a hoot that is. I'm off to Craig's to see what I can see. Thanks for the entertainment!!

  3. OMGosh! Those top 2 couches have to be the ugliest anywhere - E-V-E-R! I think that thing you couldn't identify is a storage thing that goes on top of a car/suv when you travel. And pa-leeeeeeeezzzzzzzz tell me who wants a bucket that looks like someone vomited in it? LOL! Have a good weekend.

  4. OH MY GOsh....ewwww ewww ewwww can you just imagine how gross 30 year old upholstered furniture would be? ICK I don't even want to know why anyone would take those. I'd rather sit on packing crates! And who could pass up free snails! This was hilarious....I hope you do it again! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. LOL...LOL...ROTFL>>>>.....
    Made my day!
    We do need better forms of entertainment...but hey, "ya never know!"
    Hope your weekend is a laugh n' a half!

  6. oh I had some good laughs thanks to this post,loved it...especially the shoe,I mean,can you imagine bothering to put the picture of it on there?I'm sure this guy and his buddies all had a good laugh over it themselves.I've seen some crazy ones on my favorite used site too.Sometimes I look at it just for the entertainment..great idea you got here!

  7. great post Tam - loved that someone would just post one shoe!!! Didn't let my imagination run too much on the stains ...gross man!

  8. Mrs. Slug says that she only needs the one shoe, thanks! Looks like it might be a little loose fitting, but what the hey, it's FREE! We'll take it! Love, Mrs. Slug

  9. hey tam,

    no new friday pics? no flea traps for free? LOL

    have a great weekend, cutie!


  10. Tam, you are so funny!

    Look at that! I was just on my way over to invite you to my giveaway when I saw that you had already commented and joined in the fun! We must have that "psychic connection", LOL! ;)

  11. Hahahaha! I mean...I'm known to go dumpster diving every now and then myself, but REALLY! Though I do have to say...there's a pretty cool bowling alley by me that's a "groovy hipster lounge" at night...and they would have likely dragged that orange crush couch back to NJ. :-)

    Hope you're having a good weekend...I'm still baking...'Cause it's too COLD to do anything else here!

    xo, Laura

  12. Hi Tam, thanks for stopping by! Would you believe I just put that orchid plant on the desk the other day and hubby hasn't even noticed! lol....I thought for sure he would hate it since it was a flower!

    Loved this post! It was too funny, I can't beleive the snails and shoe?? People are crazy! Kristen

  13. Whoaa - hold me back! Thanks Tam, truly revolting couches!!

  14. THAT WAS SOOOOO FUNNY! I have been selling tons of "junk", treasures to my buyers, on Craigslist, it is amazing what people will buy! I looked at the free stuff to and was just disgusted...

    Happy to be having some sunshine today, how about you? We have has a couple of showers, but mostly sun! YEA!!!

    Take care and hope your having a great weekend, I noticed you got married in 82' me too! 26 yrs. wow, time flys...
    Donna Lynn

  15. Hi Tam! You know I kind of like that orange couch! LOL Hope you're enjoying this spring. Seems like I rarely have a moment indoors these days, but life is sweet. So good to hear from you!

    Hugs, Lea

  16. OMG Tam, this is so funny. I love Craig's list too and now i will have to check out the freebies, hehe, Cindy

  17. That was way to funny!!!!!! I'm still laughing about the shoe.

  18. Hi Tam!

    Can you believe I've never even taken a look at Craig's List? I must go do so immediately - what fun!

  19. Oh my gosh, that's too funny! What are these people thinking! :)


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