Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a lucky girl I am L@@K what I got today!

I got this cute award from Lisa at Go on over to her cute blog and say hello! She has fast been becoming one of my favorite new blogger friends!

Thanks Lisa!!! Well here is the name of the game for this one. I need to list five things I always wanted to do. HHHMMMM I'm thinkin... aaa thinkin a lil more........ok I've got it!

1. Write a book-I think? Pretty sure-yea I do!

2. Travel around the US and afar like Germany, and Ireland to name a couple. I am afraid to fly though-I do it when I have to. But if I am ever going to get to do this one I better get over that huh! LOL!

3. See Led Zepplin in concert-(so get it together Robert Plant!) They were my favorite band as a teen oh and they still are. And this rock and roll girl has seen a lot of bands but the Hammer of the Gods I missed-unbelievable I know!
4. Learn to read music again-I forgot how! Crazy yes!
5. Build my forever self sufficient solar powered dream house on some acreage with a view of the coast! Yea baby! Hey it could happen!
Now keep in mind that is only five of the things I want to do! This girl has so much more!!!
It was fun thinking about that question!
I will be soon contacting three of my blogger friends to pass this fine award on to!
Ok here are my blogger friends that I am passing this fun award on to-and hard as I tried I just couldn't choose only three! These gals all have some wonderful blogs-go have a l@@k... And thanks for being such great friends bloggy buddies!
Cheryl @
Girls if you read this post you know how to play the game-have fun! I'm looking forward to see how you answer the question!


  1. Oh Tam! Thank you so much! You are so sweet! Truthfully, I've been eyeing that cute little guy & been secretly wishing for him! I know what you mean about the husband thing. We love them to death, but sometimes we both need our space! LOL and thanks again! (It may be Sat. before I get it posted)

  2. either need to get over your fear of flying...or you need to learn how to swim a really looooong way! Thanks so very much for the award! I'm honored to be in that great group of bloggers! And I'm happy you thought of me. THANKS!

  3. Thanks for the award and thinking of me. I love bloggville and all the new friends I've made.

  4. Thanks Tam - I appreciate you thinking of me on this one!! I'll have to come up with my list now. I added myself to your blog - don't know why I didn't sooner??
    Thanks again!!

  5. Very interesting. Wouldn't it be fantastic to come up with your own green/home? I thin kyou can accomplish that soon!!

  6. Hi Tam, Thanks for visiting me and your nice compliments! I'm glad you don't think I'm crazy!:0 My Etsy store is low but I will be adding more soon. Thanks for adding me to your blog list! Kristen

  7. Hi Tam!
    Loved reading your list. I'm with you on the solar powered self sufficient house! That would be perfect.

    Thank you for the sweet award. I feel honored that you'd think of me. No matter how hard I try, I usually never get around to posting memes but yours really got me thinking about things I'd like to do so I just might have to get to that one.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Dear Tam,
    Thank for thinking of me, your blog is the bestest! It takes me back to when we were kids together in your kitchen making baloney sandwiches and laughing about silly stuff. I get warm fuzzies when I see this blog, it shortens the distance between our kitchens! Also, thanks for inspiring me to start the sluggy blog for Mr. Slug and friends, it is nice to have a way to share them, you helped me to be brave and just do it. I guess childhood does not have to end just because you become an adult! It is so good to have you as my friend.
    Luv and sluggyhugs,

  9. Hi Tam,
    Thank you so much. Sorry I did not see it sooner. I have been MIA for awhile but I'm back on it. I still have to pass the last award on. Thank you soooooo much girlfriend, love the award.
    I will get on it!


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