Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ok-Another funny one or two!

Good Morning! I thought you all might need a few good laughs. Sooo I have a couple of stories from my life to share. Pretty sure you are going to get a kick out of them??? Here goes...

Our youngest son who at somewhere between one and two years old embarrassed me at church one Sunday. It can be quite adorable when your cute little toddler shows you just what he has learned.
At Church right in the middle of prayer he was sitting on my lap facing me. He was so proud to point out and recite to me. He says, getting louder with each body part touching me.
Mommy, eyes, nose, mouth, ears……
(his hands reaching out squishing) BOOBIES!”

The entire chapel full of people stopped looked at us and laughed for what seemed like an eternity before bowing their heads and returning to the prayer. I was horrified to say the least! I wanted to get on my knees and crawl out!

I sure did get some real friendly smiles and a few snickers for the remainder of that day.
My husband by the way was the one who got in trouble for that one!

If any one thinks their toddlers aren’t paying attention to what you are doing-think again! Dad thought it was so funny to do that to me once, imitating me teaching his son and I guess our son thought hey why not do what daddy did? He was sooo proud of his little self! I’m sure everyone laughing at him made him feel he had done something pretty neat!
And dad was a little more careful what he did in front of his kids (thank Heavens).


I have been called among other things by my kids, mother earth. Because I have such a love of animals and, try to teach them to respect all living things. They say I am such a dippy hippy sometimes. Oh well whatever I am a child of the sixties after all!
One summer day I was in Mother Nature, dippy hippy mode I guess.

So happy to have one of those summer days when everyone is home and we are outside enjoying life. I was at the time a Cub Scout leader and really enjoyed working with kids. Seeing them learn about nature with all that wonder in their eyes. I was the type of mom who didn’t kill spiders (most of the time) I taught my kids they are important and have a purpose. That, they eat the bad bugs so, we should learn to live with them. I would make them catch the spiders in the house and release them outside.
There were no scouts over that day, but we did have a lot of toads around the yard. Where we lived at the time, during the summer months all of the toads would come out of hibernation. It was common to see them hopping across the lawn or driveway. Our youngest at the time, a real manly, nature, outdoorsy man that he was, really enjoyed collecting bugs, rocks, sticks and toads. It was pretty common for me when I did the laundry to find these things in his pockets. Sometimes I forgot to check the pockets before I put them in the machines-yea yuck!

On this particular day our five year old son decided he otta keep one of the toads he found and had become fond of. He had this toad in a big giant plastic cup-a big gulp cup as a matter of fact. And he had a name for him “froggy” All the toads were named froggy to this kid. Just like all crickets were named “Bambi”. But that’s a whole other story!
I tried to tell him it really was a toad and that there is a difference. He asked me “mommy can I please keep this one for my very own pet he is so cute” And he looked at me with his adorable big blue puppy dog eyes of his. I said, “no honey this toad”, he said “froggy” I said, “whatever – look” I said, “he has a family I am sure.” “And this toad is a wild animal he belongs to nature and needs to be free and live outside.” I explained the toad would never be happy stuck inside our house. Our little boy says, “but, mommy I will make him a really nice home.” So I went on to further explain, “he might be a daddy toad and how his little children toads would miss him and his toad wife would miss him something terrible if he kept him.”
So I said, “you see honey we really need to let him go free-it’s the right thing to do.” After a little coaxing and explaining he said he understood and wouldn’t want the “froggy” (he wasn’t gonna budge on his name for the toad) to be sad. So he reluctantly began lowering the big gulp cup to the ground as if to gently pour out the toad.

We had a very cute little Beagle doggie in our neighborhood that came over for a visit just then. Her name was Lucky and we all loved her very much. Lucky enjoyed coming over to play with the kids. So, just as the toad was released to the ground and began to leap-well you guessed it Lucky dog snapped it right up! Yep she ate it right before our eyes! Oh my gosh our son was so upset! I was astonished myself! I mean I really just couldn’t believe it! But it happened I saw it.

Well our little son grabbed lucky quick and began shaking her upside down. I was horrified and somewhat shocked at what had just happened for a number of reasons.
Our son was shouting, “cough it up right now lucky spit out my froggy now -Lucky!” And he squeezed and shook that dog let me tell ya!
He shouted, “hold on froggy I will save ya I will get ya out!”
Our son went on to say, “I mean it Lucky you let that froggy go!”.
I was so sadden to have to tell my son, “honey it’s a little too late for the toad ” and he said looking very heartbroken at me with his little lips all pouty,” Froggy!” I said, “okay Froggy whatever-put Lucky down she’s not going to spit the froggy out I’m sorry!”
He says “it’s all your fault mom!” “If you would have let me keep him he still would be alive- It’s not fair!” And he goes on to say, “and now what about his family they are going to miss him-they will be so sad!” I was thinking to myself oh here we go again! So then I knelt down next to my son, apologized that the “froggy” had gotten eaten.

And then I explained about how it is survival if the fittest in the wild and that this is how nature is. That Lucky wasn’t a bad doggie she was just doing what came naturally to her. He looked at me with his sweet big blue eyes all filled with tears and my heart nearly melted as he said, “but mom I loved him.” And he also said he understood kinda what happened but that he wasn’t happy about it!

Oh and he also said he still loved me-whew! We did exchange some good mommy son hugs and kisses, and the wiping of tears too.

This is just another one of those things in our family that we every so often have a good laugh reminiscing about.


  1. You do good stories, Tam. You should write a book! Thanks for your lovely comments over at mine. I had such a good time at the market - might have had something to do with having a whole day in the grown up world!!!!

  2. I was blog hopping (no pun intended)and found you're my neighbor. I'm in Vancouver Washington.
    I was reading through your previous posts to find *the horrible news*!?!? Animal cookies no more. Tell me this is someones idea of a funny (sick) joke. It's probably the handy work of Little Miss Debbie. I must be on my way to Freddy's, Safeway's, any others that may help me build my surplus. I'm afraid the withdrawals are gonna take some strong intervention,LOL,LOL!!

    Sweet Wishes,

  3. Poor mister froggy...His wife called and she's been looking for him all week! Kids are so darn cute. And I'm sorry for your son's loss!

  4. LoL Nikki! She's been lookin for her hubby for a real long time now-my youngest is now 15!
    I have been trying to write down these funny stories -we have so many! Amazing I made it with some hair still on my head! It has been one heck of a ride with my little family-it's always something around here. And now I'm helping raise my grand daughter-she is a ton of fun! Anyhow thanks for the comments girls!

  5. Great stories. Gotta love what kids will say and do>


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