Monday, November 10, 2008

An Invite to all of my Blogger Buddies...

Hello blogger buddies! I would like to invite you to visit my daughter Amber's new blog. Yes she is the one in my "this is not my dad" story!Amber is our only daughter as a matter of fact and the mommy of our precious grand daughter! She is doing a blog on pets and tips for pet care, and exchanging fun pet stories~ etc... She works at a veterinarian office and thought it might be a nice idea to share some tips-and more fun stuff! She is a lover of animals just like her ole mom. :) So if you have a pet, would love to have a pet or just plain enjoy furry little creatures pop on over and say hello to her! She is a pretty fun and cute girl(of course she's my daughter after all-LoL). And please do join her blog! You can find her here~

She is just getting started and could use some blogger buddies! Thanks~
And I will get back to ya again for some up-dates on my "large green shelf's". I have been working on them and they are coming along pretty nicely-what a job it is though! Thankfully my husband and #2 son are helping me out with that! Hope you all are having a marvelous Monday! LoL!


  1. Keep us updated on the shelves. I thought of you today when I was out looking for a table. I hope the wood is great!! I'm headed to your daughter's blog asap. I'm a pet lover too!!

  2. I told my hubby your "big green shelf" story...he just rolled his eyes and said...I'm glad I'm not the only guy who has to deal with that kind of stuff!!


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