Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Check out this give away!!!

This quilt is just one of three-yes that's what I said three quilts that will be given away!!!
They are all absolutely beautiful!!!
Just pop on over to and see how to enter.

How fun it this? Good luck to all! (especially to me-lol)


  1. That IS a pretty quilt! Matches your new furniture! :O) Be sure to drop by my place tomorrow night & pick up your award! LOL!

  2. Tam - Thanks for the visit!! I appreciate the kind and understanding words - more than you know!! I have had a time adjusting to this new part of my life, I'll tell you. My DH works late most evenings due to his job, and there is only so much I can clean and re-do around my house!! Thank heavens I love to read!! I'm so glad I've also discovered blogging!!
    Thanks for being a good cyber friend.


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