Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just Getting Started

Hello Kids!
Well it is another rainy day here in the great northwest
-BiG SuRpRiSe!
Although there is some sun breaks with beautiful dapples of light shinning through the trees. It is defenitly fall with winter not far behind.
This as you can see is my very first post, please bear with me as this blogger site is still under construction.
I'm sure I will change the appearance at least 100gazillion times before I stick with one "Uniquely Me tAM" design. I can't stand to be "normal" or like anyone else. So if it looks different each time you visit so what-get over it! Lol!
I have always tried to find a way to stand out and be different.
Stick with me you will eventually have some good laughs and perhaps some serious conversation and points of view and some cool pics sprinkled about.
I encourage feed back so please by all means "YAK BACK"! Become a follower or as I afectionately call them"Yakkers."
I am an avid crafter, love to sew and design. I make clothing of all kind-but truely enjoy making children's clothes. My gorgeous grand daughter is my muse. I also sew for my home, quilts, Curtains,table clothes, napkins, pillows and so much more!
My kids describe me as a cross between Martha Stewart and McGuiver-and that's okay with me!
One of my passions is Real Estate-I love homes the way men love cars! I can spend a whole day just driving around exploring a new area soaking up the architecture. That is almost as good as chocolate!
One of my favorite things is interior design -I can't help but shuffle my furniture around at least once or twice a year to get that feeling of a brand new space.
I enjoy art of many different mediums and will be sharing much of my handy work on my blog.
There is nothing like curling up with a good book with my cats and dog. And then sharing what I got out of my reading.
I LOVE All things that are what I call "Good for the Soul"
Living here in the Great Northwest one cannot help but enjoy the outdoors. Which includes boating, walks by one of the many lakes and gardening. It is a very inspiring place to live! Having grown up in Los Angeles California living in the burbs of Seattle is like being on vacation all year long! We get to have four seasons and most of the time winters are not too bad.
I have fun talking about my fun filled family life with my husband of 25 years, three children and two year old grand daughter~how I survive and stay a somewhat mentally intact? You all know how it is being mom the motivator, keeper of the knowledge of all schedules, lost shoes , planner of meals, etc...
I am looking forward to getting to know as many diverse folks and welcome new friends.
Good friends are worth their weight in gold and make my heart grow! Thank You for stopping by and please come for a visit again!

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  1. :)


    This site is really really cute!

    I love real estate to! I totally related to that statement. My neighborhood is just a bunch of eye candy! It's historical, so the houses are all unique and HUGE!

    anyway. Have fun!


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