Friday, April 3, 2009

Nothing but classs...You know You Want it!

Good afternoon Kids, and welcome to another fun filled edition of
"Free Friday!"

Take a seat, grab a snack and a cool drink
~lets get started!

Remember this all comes off of the "Craigslist Free adds"

The add reads:
This chair is nothing but class. Gold/orange/yellow striped. Rocking, swirling, moves whichever way you want it to! I love this chair and you will too

Nooope pretty sure I won't! Ha!

Remember the movie "Animal House"?
Free couch. Its ugly but a really nice couch. Nothing a nice blanket can't fix. Not worn down at all.(lol get a clue!)Looks like a cat got at it on the left side a little but its not bad at all. I don't have a cat. So maybe a hungry roommate.
(a scary thought!)

First come first served. Will not hold it for anyone. I'll take the post down when it's gone.

Huh? What? You mean it when you say you wont hold it for anyone? Darn!

The next couch didn't have anything written about it. But I think the photo says it all?

I was imagining the furniture store might have been called

"Frank's Funky Town Fine Furniture."

I do think if you wear your 3~D glasses it could even be a spiritual experience! LoL!

Pure elegance huh? :)

Ummm are these people trying to hide something or

are they just very messy?

And there is something sticking out under the middle cushion!

Holy crap Batman maybe there is a dead body hidden in there-

That's it now I am frightened!

And then we have this one-

such cleaver selling points don't you think?

‘50s Early American Kitsch sofa. Cute & Comfortable Perfect for Apartment

~Or just a suggestion...the dump!

For our last couch for the day...
Free Comfy Couch... quality made, good condition, solid wood ends with horse and barn theme upholstery. Colors are cream, rust, orange and brown.

OOO Baby they got me considering it for a second with the barn theme!

Hmmm what can I say about the next one???

Someone was banking on the word "free" of wiping out any ability for a person to comprehend that this one is broken!
This does not work. It broke down making a humming noise about 2 years ago. I thought I'd take it apart to see if it was something I could fix but I realize that is a task I will never get to. We took off a small plastic tab (thing) on the bottom of the metal filter to fix my parents' ionic breeze so that part is missing. It's free.

I am so glad they clarified what the plastic tab was! LoL!

Need some wheels??? Handy with the tools?
Got a reallll bargain here for ya-hey it's "free!"

And if that didn't excite ya well girls hold onto your skirts-
this one will! Not! LoL! Notice the size of this thing...
This add is priceless:
The wife says either this goes or I do. Today. First come first served.
I have just a few questions for ya fella...
A. Did your wife know you had this in your garage before she married you?
B. Can the marriage be annulled?
C. Did you mean it when you said this deal was just for today?
Dang! Now you know it is going to be a man who wants this life size Captain Kirk-I would love to be the fly on the wall listening to that guys wife when she sees it for the first time! LoL!
I hope you all enjoyed this weeks edition of "Free Friday"!

Have an awesome weekend Blogging Buddy's

~Beam Me uP Scotty!~

Friday, March 20, 2009

FREE Friday!!!

You all know how much I love a bargain.
And I did find my wonderful FREE "Big Project" antique oak cabinets on craigslist.
That was a terrific freak of a find! LoL!
So ever since I have been surfin craigslist in hopes of another great find if you will. (Hey it could happen!)Well that has turned into something my husband and I get a kick out of doing and has become a silly form of entertainment for us. Lol~Yes I know we have way too much time and need a new hobby!
Here is how we play the game come along with me to see some of the "FREE" finds on craigslist for this week.
As we are scrolling through the listings every time we see a free couch we look at the picture.
The idea is to find the ugliest couch listed. You heard it right! Trust me it can be quiet funny at times. Some of the other things listed are a crack up too. You just wouldn't believe what people will put on there. Lets get started shall we...

Look at this beauty, and this is the best of the bunch!

And if your decorating taste is
GrOOvy GraNNy
here's the perfect couch for you...

And this is what the listing for the next one said...

FREE grey couch. Well loved but still very comfortable. Has a small hole in the cushion cover and a big burn mark on the arm, but it is FREE for pick up!!!!

Can you just imagine yourself relaxing
in this sweet baby...
(Don't mind the stains, BO and um use you imagination smells)

And my favorite FREE couch, drum roll please...

Yea you know you were totally diggin on that orange velvet dream!
And lets take a look at some sweet freebies other then the couches...
Upholstered swivel rocker. Needs a good cleaning. Ugly, but comfortable! At least 30 years old. FREE!!!!!!!
("free" makes any ugliness not matter~Right?)
I actually didn't think that chair was the worst
I've seen posted but,
I just love how they listed it!
This next listing I found interesting...
We have quite a few free snails. They are smaller in size but grow rather quickly so we have more than we need. Please email if you can pick up this weekend and are interested. Thank you.

Aren't we usually trying to get rid of snails?
Okay and here's a real humdinger...
I am leaving this in our driveway in front of the garage door. I will delete the posting as soon as I notice that it is gone.

What The???
I think that posting is gonna be there for a while-what do you think?
I mean come on people have just a teeny tiny bit of pride would ya?
Here's another fun one...
Picture says it all. First come, first served.

Awww yea they got that right! LoL!
I have two more for ya, and the next one~well I will let you be the judge of this listing...
free good shape-
(Okay but ummm what is it?
And how do I know I want it if I can't tell what it is?)

That last one had ya stumped huh? Me too!
This next one, my last one for today just takes the icing off the cake!
I must have been tanked, but I lost the left shoe somehow, somewhere. Anyone interested in just the right K-Swiss Classic Black. Find a use!
(Dude~like hey man what size is it?)

Don't bother to rub your eyes or blink~

you saw it right!

Listen pal if you are drinkin that much maybe best to go barefoot next time or stay home! LOL!

I hope you had as much fun as I did? I have wanted to do a post on this for a while now. So if it is popular enough I may continue to do a FREE Friday post again. Probably not every Friday, nope just when the urge hits me!
Have a HAPPY,
Fun filled, Sun shinny, Glamorous weekend kids!
~Much Bloggy Love, Tam! :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Drum Roll Please..................

And Yes what is this? Why it IS Fudge! I did it -I really did-finally I made a successful batch of fudge!!! Thank you to those that sent me recipes and tips-they worked!
I thought for a second I heard Angels sing?

And then we have -Kooky Star Sugar Cookies...

Christmas Trees, Snowmen, and more...

Bells, Angels, Blue Moons, more Trees, Snowman and Scottie Dogs...


Jared and Emily had a great time decorating the cookies and eating some of them too! LoL!

Amber did a nice job on this Scottie Dog

He is cute in his green sweater and pink collar-don't ya think? ...

Amber also decorated an ornament cookie...

Great job flooding the icing Amber!

And a bunch of mixed up Christmas cookies!
That pan is full of fun! Some of those cookies got a little psychedelic on us! LoL!
-Chocolate Chip, Criss Cross-Peanut Butter and Drop Cookies!

One More day and one more stocking...

Little Emily Jean needed her very own special little girl stocking. Sooo Grammy got out some fabric and whipped up a stocking in a hurry! Whew! We took a photo in the snow-yep it's still here! But I like it! No I love it! It has warmed up a tiny bit today and we have a little break just for today. The forecast calls for more snow tonight-tomorrow and Friday!!! Then Saturday it is suppose to warm up a bit -enough so that when it rains the snow goes away. But wait that won't last long because everyday next week-Snow again! I have never seen this much snow at one time in the 9 1/2 years we have lived here in the burbs of Seattle!
I have to say I am excited to have a White Christmas! Today we are going to get a ton of baking done. So I am putting some good music on, stoking the fire, making some hot coca and getting my apron all floured up! Yay! And not to mention-FUDGE! Fudge attempt number two-lets see if I can do it right this time? I got a new candy thermometer and I'm ready to rock! Of course I will take photos to share-gosh I hope I don't mess this batch up! LOL!
Tonight maybe I can get gifts wrapped so I can just relax tomorrow?
I hope all of you girls out there in blogland are having as much fun as I am today?!?! Leave me a msg. and tell me what you are up to?
And now I am off to the kitchen-wheeeee! Look for a new post tomorrow-bye for now!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sweet Saturday...A Special Cake for a Special Girl!

Three years ago December 18, 2005 our family was blessed when our daughter had our first grand baby-Sweet Emily Jean!

Tomorrow we will celebrate with a Birthday Bash!
Old Grandma and Grandpa will be there-and I do believe Tinkerbell is going to make an appearance!

This gorgeous cake was baked and decorated by Emily Jean's very talented Mommy (my daughter-Amber) Isn't it sooo pretty? Yea I know I think so too! Amber had such a great time making this cake for her little girl. Brings back some great memories!

What a very special cake for a very special little girl! All the while as Emily's Mommy worked on decorating her cake she was so darling singing Happy Birthday too Me! LOL! Remember what it was like to be a kid and look forward to your birthday?
Hope you all have a Sweet Saturday Too!
aTaM *:) Y

Friday, December 19, 2008

I feel sooo cool! Yep I do!

You want to know why I feel sooo cool? because my dear bloggy buddy Valerie over at Game me this SuPeR CooL Award! Thank you Valerie-you awesome girl you! She was so cute because this was her first blog award and I remember how excited I was when I got mine! I think Valerie's blog is pretty cool too! And now I will pass this sweet award onto some other very cool blogs-please give these wonderful blogs a visit. These are just some of the coolest ever blogs that have visited my blog and left wonderful comments and been such nice blogging buddy's! I would like to say thank you to all of you for your comments and support-mean so very much to me! So I am giving this bloggy award to each of you bloggy buddy's! I know it is not conventional-but oh well it is what I want to do.
I am having problems with my computer either that or my Internet-I don't know but my blog kept freezing or shutting down! I know-not good! Is anyone else having problems trying to post?But I have tried to enter and re-enter everyone over again. So please if you do visit me and comment forgive me for missing getting your name and blog in this post and consider yourself tagged as well! You all keep this girl smiling! May You and Your Sweet Families have a Safe Wonderfully Memorable, Magical Holiday Season! Much Love~Tam :D

Nikki of Blah Blah Blah Blog...

Emily of little window shoppe... Cami...


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday decorations...or should I say... re-decorating! LoL? Or Just a Simple Christmas in the Woods...!

Welcome to our home. Suddenly Saturday the kids decided they were in the mood for decorating. So we drug a couple of boxes into the house. The plan was to keep it simple which equals easy take down after the holidays. We had put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. It has been decorated, un-decorated and re-decorated I don't know how many times! Our little granddaughter Emily Jean has been hard at work-she just can't control her creative urges when they come upon her! LOL! So take a close look at the tree-which we had put up on an old chest thinking it might detour her from her mission-keyword being might-didn't happen. Usually it is just the cats we have to keep from going after the bulbs!

Did you see all of those bald spots and then the clump of bulbs at the bottom of the tree? She is partial to the red bulbs-she kept taking all of the other colors off! Emily Jean just stands there and says' "Oh Grammy it's soooo beautiful, it is the most beautiful thing in the world!" as she puts her arms opened up. She should be an actress when she grows up-she is something else. She would also be great on a demolition team! Haha! Of course we all adore that little angel beyond measure and this is just one of many sweet holiday memories with her. Now we tried our best to re-decorate again-lets see how long that last?
Take a look quick ...

We were going to go cut down a real tree from the forest. The permit is only $10.00 and the kids really wanted a real tree. But me being such a hippy dippy girl I hate the idea of cutting a tree down! LOL! yea I know come on Tam-but hey also I didn't want to be one of those people you see on the news that got lost in the woods! Just think with this wild weather-it could happen! I do love the way a live tree smells but where we live all you have to do for that is step outside-it smells like Christmas everyday of the year! Okay...

Lets move onto the next photo-These nice figurines are always on that buffet-I just like they way they look with the light on-see how they glow? I know for a grown up-heck a grandma even-I sure do get awfully excited about the smallest things-don't I ? Oh well-just how I am-have to make life fun-and why not? I have a close up of the frame that sits on that buffet right over on my side bar-it is one of my favorite scriptures as a Mother/Grandmother.

Well the mantel has been re-decorated more then um twice. But that is only due to the lights burning out. Every time we think we have gotten all of the burnt out lights changed, another one burns out. On try number three-we gave up on having lights twinkling there. The garland looked so perfect the first time-somehow it got changed in its design concept-plan and ended up all wrapped around my berry garland that is on the mantel all year long. I like the JOY-good reminder of what I can experience this holiday amongst the craziness. I am working on minimizing that craziness and hope I can have everything done and ready. I still have to go gift shopping and bake goodies-yep I left it to the last minute-Blaaghh-shame on me! We also have a birthday to celebrate this Saturday. UUGGH and then just enough time to prepare for Christmas day (Now lets not forget I still have work to do on my Big Project-LOL). I can do it! I am super Mom/Grandma after all! Nooo problem!

A close up of that "JOY" :D Gotta just smile through it All!

Our little Victorian village on the library table-this gets re-decorated too!

Emily insisted on her Barbie house being apart of the holiday cheer! Look at the candle in the window, and wreath on the door-topped off with lights! She loved it! My Grammy heart swells when that little girl squeals with delight!

This little tree used to be on my entry way table-It's Emily's lil holiday tree for now. For some crazy unknown reason she hasn't tried to re-decorate or un-decorate this tree? UUMm at least not yet, I should be careful what I say!

Amber had a decorating idea and put old ornies in this big jar and popped a pretty bow on top. I looks cute with the vintage snowman next to it. They sit on top of some books in the living room.

This was a fun craft project I did with gals from church years ago when our kids were little. I re-did the names and added Emily. I think it is a fun and cute idea-the kids always did love it! And we kind of used it as a way to get them to go to bed on Christmas Eve. We said once you put that plate out for the night on Christmas Eve then Santa's coming soon so you have to go to bed and sleep. It worked...sometimes! Of course in the morning the reindeer had eaten their carrot and Santa had gobbled up all the yummy cookies and the kids had presents under the tree!

I wanted to make this Santa pillow and had the idea-so Saturday I whipped him up! I think I like him-he came out just as I visioned him. And he was easy peasy!

Well there you have it-very simple Christmas decorating at our house this year. I like simple!
May you all have a magical, wonderful, memorable Christmas! Thank You for you constant kind words and for visiting my blog-I am truly grateful for all of your friendships!
See you around blogland...Happy Blogging!
~Tam :D

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